5 adorable things to make with fabric scraps

I am the worst when it comes to fabric scraps. You should see my stash. It's scary. Really scary. I've featured a few ways that we've used our scraps in the past, but over the weekend I was toodling around on pinterest and found a couple great ideas for using scraps that I thought I'd share, on the off chance that I'll have the time and energy to make some of these things when we get back from Russia.
Not that I'm dreaming or anything.
But here they are - go look at all that fabricy goodness.

You know I love my garland, so versatile. In addition to draping my fireplace with it, wrapping it around objects for interesting table displays, gift wrap. Yeah... Here's an article with 10 new ways to make some rocking fabric scrap garland. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Fabric garland tutorial

As art in embroidery hoops or frames.
Ok, that's just stinking cute. I'm such a dork about putting odd things in my frames, this is just right up my alley.
Here's how they did it

key chains or zipper pulls.
Check it out

So my new son s not a baby, but do you think he'll mind if I make him a mobile anyway? Probably. Welcome to the family kid, your mom is a dork.
Mobile that my new 7 year old might like

they made letter magnets - cute way to practice our letters with Max, but I'm thinking about making something without so much detail to sew around like squares or something, then gluing on felt letters maybe?
Cute magnet ideas

So there you go. Who wants to make these things for me?

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Jennie Louise said...

Ohhhh such cool little ideas here... I am collecting fabric at the moment ready to wrap gifts up at Christmas. a lovely thoughtful blog post.
Jennie. X


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