Art with melted crayon part 2

A while back we had some fun melting crayons over the George Forman grille. I saw recently where someone had melted crayons with a hair dryer. Say it ain't so. We had to try it. For scientific reasons of course.

So we set up another little melting station in the kitchen. After overheating the hair dryer without getting very far with our melting, we settled in with my embossing gun which worked way better anyway.

First we experimented with the size of our crayon chunks. The big ones made a lot of smoke and took forever to melt. Not so fun. Next we  tried using an old cheese grater to make tiny pieces, which took forever but it was pretty fun to watch those little bitty pieces melt. We finally settled in on medium sized pieces made from larger pieces broken up with a rock. Not sure what was more fun - smashing crayon with a rock, or watching those littler pieces melt.

After we settled on a size we had to experiment with some different melting techniques. Or more appropriately what to do with what we'd melted. Sure you could let it pool on your paper, but what fun is that when you could blow on it with a straw, make it drip down your paper, or just draw and etch in it with a pencil.

So much exploration and experimentation happening. Good stuff.

In general I'd have to say that this method of melting was way safer and kid friendly than the grilling method. It was safe enough for me to hand over the equipment and let the project take it's own course. And we all know self directed projects are way more fun than projects that have to be limited for safety reasons.

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bella said...

Sorry the hair dryer didn't work for you. My daughter and her friend found a great video on YouTube about melting crayons, so we gave it a try at home. It worked beautifully! We glued a row of Crayolas along the top of a canvas board, melted the tips with a hair dryer, and watched as the vibrant colours ran down the canvas creating an amazing effect. I do love your idea of using a grater to make small pieces. Look forward to giving it a try!


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