Get out of Dodge

Today's the big day!
We're headed out to St. Petersburg Russia, for a brief pitstop before we head on to Arkhangelsk. The current plan is to have some time with Max while we prepare for court on Monday, and have our court hearing on Tuesday. If you're awake in the middle of the night around 2 am (which will be around 10 am in Russia, and we'll be waiting to see the judge) and wanna pray for us that'd be great! Otherwise just pray before you go to bed :)
We'll be back in the states on Thurs while we wait to take custody. So check back Friday for some kind of update. We'll probably wait until the whole thing is said and done to do a complete recap, but who knows. We're sort of just winging it at this point.
With that, we're off!

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Abby said...

This nursing mama will be up and praying compliments of Priscilla!


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