On your side of the pond

Happy Halloween to all my American friends!
I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. Spiders, ghosts, witchs - ick. Oh and don't get me started on begging strangers for candy. Only Americans would celebrate such an event.
We are currently still in Russia, and I am only a little disappointed that I'm not home to help my kids put their costumes together. I know that my mom will properly document the whole process for me. She's such a good grandma.
As you read this we're in the final stages of preparing for our court date! We're 8 hours ahead over here, so you'll all be sound asleep when we walk into the court room. Don't worry, we'll have news when you first wake up tomorrow morning.
Have a fun size candy bar for me!


TC Avey said...

So close... Can't wait for your news, thoughts and prayers are with you!!

Melissa said...

Sending thoughts to you for court. As for us here, not much of a Halloween. We were tricked with a no'easter storm with lots of snow and trees down everywhere. Electricity out for most so not much trick-or-treating is going to happen. Some towns have already cancelled it. UGH!

Mary W :) said...

I couldn't help but comment again cuz I'm so excited. Probably not as excited as you guys, but still, I can't wait to see Max again!! I'll try to do my best to stay up a little bit later & think about you guys! I'll try & make it to midnight...that'd be about right, wouldn't it? 8 am for you?


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