Somedays are like that...

There are days when you set out on a promising crafting adventure. You pile the table with dye, glue, baby wipes, and tinfoil. Your project starts out as tie-dyed baby wipes, which ends up as an epic fail because wipes absorb liquid.  Whether there's a rubber band around them or not. Drat.
So since the glue is out you grab it and see if you can redeem your crafting session by making colored glue paint. Only to find out the watered down dye from the tie-dye project makes your colored glue super runny, and doesn't work for detailed masterpieces. So you pitch the pink glue in favor of untainted glue which is easier to draw with. After a handful of spiderwebs drawn from glue you decide it's really more fun to just spread pink glue all over the place with a pop-sickle stick.
Which makes a huge mess.
And Mom finds the end of her willingness to experiment in the name of creativity.
Because there's only so much mess a mom can take.
Somedays at the end of the craft session you're left with nothing but runny pink glue covered pieces of tin foil. And a better understanding of your craft supplies.

Some days are like that. And we don't mind a bit.

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