While we waited part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, we are anxiously waiting a long overdue email from Russia with information about making progress towards finalizing our adoption.
And since we still haven't gotten word yet, we'll just keep on talking about the fantastic adventures we partake in to distract ourselves while we wait.
Which brings us to our second trip to the pumpkin patch. Which started out as a fall hike until we called our dear friends and they were determined to go on a hayride. Frankly hanging with them sounded more fun than hiking.
So back to the patch we went.

 Jory, my ex-cattle rancher, who is not sure why he paid money to be pulled around on bails of hay behind a tractor. It's right up there with paying someone to harvest their pumpkins for them. I know.
 the three amigos

Alex and Kyle fascinated by a wheat kernel 

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