While we waited part 1

When we turned in our paperwork for our adoption court hearing we were told it would take 3-6 weeks for translation, then they would send us our travel information so we could come to see the judge about our son. As of today it has been 8 weeks since our paperwork arrived in Russia. Still no word.
Insert cricket chirping here.
We could talk about the frustration of not having any control over the situation
Or the frustration that results from not being able to shake that frustration and give it to God already.
Or we could talk about the pumpkin patch. Which we've been to twice in the past week. Because getting out of the house is an excellent coping strategy when dealing with frustration.

Our first trip was a relaxed affair, as it was a week day and there wasn't anyone there. The kids took their time, marveling over the different types of gourds and pumpkins, and even cooperated for some photos....

it was a good day.


TC Avey said...

Waiting is hard for me, even when I know it is part of Gods plan. Hang in there!

My prayers are with you all.

Megan said...

2 weeks past your "due date"... poor thing. That baby will come out when it's ready :0)

Love, your smart-alec sister

Mom said...

Hey punkin pickers, did you have any punkins grow in your garden/meadow this year? And did Annie/Louisa's special punkin plant yield any punkins under your deck? I feel the need to make punkin bread

Kristy Powers said...

Hello from the newest member of your tribe. :)

Beautiful pictures.

I can relate to the frustration of not being able to "give it to God already." I like how you phrased that.


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