Book Review - Peril in the Palace

This week we are doing a review of the AOI The Imagination Station series. Yesterday we reviewed the second book: Attack at the Arena. Today we're on to book # 3, Peril in the Palace.
In the story Patrick and Beth travel back in time through Mr. Whittaker's Imagination Station to visit ancient China in search of a golden tablet for Mr. Whittaker. On their adventure the meet up with Kublai Khan and Marco Polo.

Mom says:
Again, my children and I couldn't put the book down. Everything that we loved about the first two books was evident in this book. Even though the Christian theme was slightly forced in this one compared to the other books, I was happy that it was there, and it wasn't obvious enough that my kids thought it was out of place.

Alex (9 years old) says: My favorite part was when they met Marco Polo and relatives.

Annie (7 years old) says: I thought it was a little scary when the eagles came. I liked the princess.

Louisa (7 years old) says: I liked the costumes she picked, and I liked the way it ended.

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Please Note: We received this book for review purposes. As always, our opinions are 100% our own

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