Book Review - Voyage with the Vikings

As a family we recently read The Imagination Station: Voyage with the Vikings by Marianne Hering and Paul McCuster. These books are based on Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey series, which our family was already very familiar with.
In the story Patrick and Beth travel back in time through Mr. Whittaker's Imagination Station to visit the time of the Vikings. They are on a quest to find a viking sunstone and bring it back to Mr. Whittaker. Along the way they meet a few vikings including Leif Eriksen and Erik the Red, and have a handful of exciting adventures.

Mom says:
As a mom, I really enjoyed the book. The story line was engaging and easy to follow. I loved how the Christian faith was seamlessly woven into the story, but wasn't so blatantly obvious that it would turn off a nonbeliever.The style of writing was light and airy, which makes it easy for young listeners to follow, but still engaging enough that my 4th grader was hooked.

Alex (9 years old) says: The book was very exciting. It had pictures and it takes place in Greenland. It was very detailed and it was great! My favorite part was when they got to ride in the viking ship.

Annie (7 years old) says: I think it's interesting! I like it! My least favorite part was when they were trapped inside the church. I hope there are more books coming out soon.

Louisa (7 years old) says: Well, I liked it. It was very interesting. I liked it when Beth was playing chess with Erik the Red.

Please Note: We received this book for review purposes. As always, our opinions are 100% our own. 

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Savannah McQueen said...

Oh this looks like a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing.


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