Updates from our travels in Russia

We made it home safely from our trip to Russia! Perhaps the best way to summarize our trip is to go back through our facebook posts and share some key ones, here are a few that are in mostly chronological order: 

Grown men should not wear sweatpants in public. Not even if they are European. Or at an airport. Yuck dude. 

Why do the Russians like such tiny cups what I wouldn't do for a big gulp right about now.

Treated to a day out on the town in St. Petersburg local style thanks to our friends the Siegels, we took both the subway and the trolley and had some awesome cheese pie before they helped us find the Harley Store.

My son was put in a new orphanage last month. Not allowed to see this one either.They moved him because of school related issues. My baby is finally in the big kid school and not nursery school.

We had a nice two hour visit with Max, but when it was time to go I don't like giving my son back to the orphanage staff. I'd much rather bring him home where he belongs. 

So my last meal as a mother of 3 consisted of cat food, yodeling pirates, angry birds and a rock star. It was quite the meal.

When preparing for our court hearing we refused to let anxiety get a toe hold. No sweaty palms here. We decided to just wing it in court. Worked pretty well until we forgot our closing argument. Oops.  

Before time began I was given a 4th child named Maxim Joryevich. Born from another and written in our hearts. Today that 4th child legally joined our family. THE JUDGE SAID YES!!

My som comes with his own apartment. No joke, he inherited it from someone. Sadly we can't go to it (because it's in a restricted city) and the adoption agency has no idea what we should do with it. We tried to pass it off to his father but the judge wouldn't let us. Hopefully we can sell it and put the $ aside somehow.

After our court hearing in Arkhangelsk we spent some more time hanging around St. Petersburg. We  met up with our friends again, who took us to the mini city, the fortress of Peter and Paul, and cooked us a traditional Russian meal of Pelmeni, tomatoes, cheese and bread. Yum.

On our way back to the states, our driver dropped us off at the wrong airport. Fortunately some nice lady from the airport took pity on us dumb foreigners and helped us figure out where we needed to be and how to get there. 

On the way home, our hotel from St P'burg packed us a delightful sack lunch. Sadly I forgot to eat my orange and it was confiscated by border security in Detroit. Bummer. It looked really yummy. 

HOME! Ice cold coke has never tasted so good.


TC Avey said...

So very happy for you all!

Sara said...


Melissa said...

Love the photo. He is so handsome. Congrats on court and the sudden apartment. Not sure what I'd do with it either. Can't wait to hear more and see the first family photo.

Delana said...

I have traveled around the former Soviet Union and agree with you about the small cups! Thankfully, they believe in refilling it a lot!

I enjoyed visiting your blog today.


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