Maxim Joryevich

I think it's fascinating to know the how and why people use to determine the name they picked for their child. Since our son has unusual circumstances surrounding his name we thought you might like to know our reasons for giving it to him.

His first name is the name he was given at birth. It's not a name that I necessarily would have picked, but 7 years old is a little late in life to go through a name change, and Max is a perfectly fine American name. So it stays.

His middle name is a name that we have chosen for him. All of our biological children have unique middle names that start with J. Alexander Jase, Annabel Jorlie and Louisa Jaynen. So his new name had to fit our pattern.

Now if you aren't familar with the Russian patronymic naming system, you wouldn't know that all children take their father's name as their middle name with the appropriate suffix - evich for boys, - evna for girls (or something really similar depending on what the father's name is). So with Jory as his new father, Joryevich is his perfectly legal Russian patronymic name. With a nod to his motherland, we think the name is clever and fitting for our son, Max "the son of Jory" Peterson.


Melissa said...

I love the story of his name and I really like Maxim. Colby's good friends are Maxim and Roman. We did change our son's name. I couldn't see Sergey as "fitting" so Colby he is. I wish, at times, that we had kept part of his name but then again we are not even sure who named him. But I think he was always meant to be Colby Michael and your little guy was always meant to be Maxim Joryevich!

Patty said...

Welcome Max! Jeff and I will enjoy having you in Sunday School so we can be part of your little life. I'm glad you like to sing!!! Music=happiness! :)


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