Tales from our travels part 2

As promised in yesterday's post, here are a collection of my facebook status updates that you may or may not have read concerning our travels with Max in Russia...

He's here! Thrilled to see us ;) doesn't want to stop snuggling. As curious as ever. Came with a nasty shiner and a goofy stuffed animal 

Just because the window is open again doesn't mean we can resume throwing things out of it. Like the iPod. Please child?  

Persistent is this child's middle name 

My son made himself some storage containers for his art supplies out of trash. Any doubt that he is my child has been removed. 

Thanks to Jory's crafty parenting style, lots of mommy love, and a little green fish we managed to avoid our first meltdown over a shower.

This kid spends the better part of his day upside down. Much like i did when i was his age. Gymnastics anyone? 

An elevator is a fantastic place to practice our new number vocabulary. Little dude's got 1-5 down tight. Maybe up to 10 before we get home.  

This kid plays in the snow the same quirky way that Alex does, and eats his pizza the same quirky way as his sisters. How is that even possible?

I swear the hugs get tighter every night. 

Crack pot parenting advice from Jory - just ignore the fact that he won't lay down for bed. Eventually he'll realize his bed is way better than a dark, hard hotel floor and get in bed by himself . Guess who's now all snugly in his bed? Crack pot parents - 2 points, ornery kid - zip

Even though he has already learned how to push our buttons and make us both crazy, he's pretty cute when he says "I love you mama." and "goodnight mama" 

Not sure where this kid got the idea that being part of a family means that parents feed you candy all day. This kid asks for it relentlessly. And no we don't give it to him.

I'd just like to take back every judgmental thought I've ever had about a parent who's child is clearly out of control in public, has picked trash up off the ground and put it I'm his mouth, or licked anything filthy in public. That is all.

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TC Avey said...

sounds like you are having a fabulous time making memories!


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