Tales from our travels

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I have a tendency to recycle status updates from facebook to help recap moments from our various adventures. Since this was a rather long trip, I thought I'd share a days worth of posts regarding our adventures in traveling today, and share some others about Max tomorrow.

We spent most of our trip in Arkhangelsk - a smaller town not far from the Arctic circle, and a few days in Moscow. We were in the country for 10 days total.

Some day I'm going to miss these quirky Russian sitcoms that almost make sense

Pulled a Stacey Rees today by wiping out in the snow in my sturdy "Americanka" boots while the Russian ladies walk around the same icy sidewalks in stilettos. Go figure. I think those spiked heals are part ice pick. But you didn't hear it from me.

Here I am 100 miles from the arctic circle in the middle of an arctic storm wearing a tank top and bare feet. Why? Because we had to close the window to keep max from throwing stuff out of it.

Only in northern Russia do you find people wearing snow pants in an airport when it's 35 degrees and barely 1/4 inch of snow on the ground.

As much as I've grown to love little Arkhangelsk I'm psyched to head out to Moscow in the morning!

It's a beautiful morning here in Moscow! Excited to get out and see what's going on! 

Walked all the way down the tourists walk to Red Square and St. Basil's. Aside from a little wind, it was a fantastic morning. Wore max out enough that he's actually sitting down to watch tv. Tomorrow we try out the subway. Just for kicks.

Just so you know Red Square is neither red nor square in shape. Go figure

Found the 7 story shopping mall around the corner from our apartment here in Moscow, rode up and down every single escalator we could find.

Today's adventures in Moscow include finding the Harley Davidson store, where t-shirts are a measly $100 a piece, making friends on a neighborhood playground, and finding the other 2 castles that are within walking distance of our apartment.

So we met this grandpa while we were waiting to get on the plane, and he took a real liking to Max, cause he's just cute like that, and this fellow came back to check in on max 2x during our 8 hour flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. The second time he came with m & m's. Now he was on the other end of the plane, so he had no idea that max was not coping so well with the stress of sitting still that long, nor did he realize that moments before he showed up with the candy I was this close to locking max in the bathroom or something equally horrible. I think someone was praying for us.

All I can say is that we made it home without causing an "international incident." There were moments on the trip I was sure we this close to being the next news headline (like the time Max nearly kicked out the window on our 7th floor apt, and I was so frustrated that I didn't really care!) but we made it! and we're home!!


Melissa said...

So excited for you and your family. What a truly amazing Thanksgiving you must have had. I loved reading your Facebook posts. Congrats again!
P.S. Still looking for photos fo the family!

Firas said...

Interesting narration, and an equally absorbing photo :)


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