With a grateful heart

We arrived home yesterday with our new son. So aside from our obvious reasons to be grateful on this day of gratitude, our experiences with traveling abroad this fall has given me a whole new list of reasons to be greatful.

These are the things that currently fill me with gratitude

Ice in coke. 
cups that hold more than 6 oz
unlimited refills in restaurants
a husband who's just as crazy as I am
the way people drive in the states. Yeah we complain about Michigan drivers, but they ain't got nothing on St. Petersburg / Moscow drivers. Yikes dude.
trail mix and granola bars. Without them I'd probably have starved long ago. 
Iceburg lettuce. Not to be found anywhere in Russia.
American Pepsi (I don't care if it claims to be the same, Russian Pepsi is totally inferior)
The complete stranger who brought me M & M's in the middle of a very long flight with a very restless boy, just because.
Free books that show up on my door post when I arrive home. Dude. Books. that were free. And I don't have to send them back.
"I love you most!" in a heavy Russian accent
Pocket translators.They fit in your pocket, and they don't judge you when you tell them to say very odd things like "PLEASE DON'T PICK UP TRASH OFF THE STREET AND PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH."

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Mary Wurster said...

Hey, Russia's not all that bad. The best pepsi i ever had was in Russia. Anyway, very fun that Max and you guys are back! Can't wait to see him! Oh, and did you know you missed Skillet in Moscow by 2 days?? WoW. See ya :)


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