Celebrating both of you

So my daughters are twins, which means that there is 1 birthday for 2 girls.  Obviously.
Normally it's not that big of a deal, but around their birthday I sort of put up a stink. For one week out of the year they are two people. Annie and Louisa. Not "Annieweeza #1" and "Annieweeza #2".  And during birthday week I bend over backwards to make sure they know - that I know - that they are 2 separate individuals. Celebrating their individuality sounds all fantastic and noble until you realize they're essentially the same person in two bodies. They look alike, like all the same foods, have the same best friends, do the same extra curricular activities, gravitate towards the same toys, and read the same books. Not to mention that they've been sharing a twin bed for nearly 5 years now, simply because they want to.
So yeah, celebrating their individuality isn't the easiest thing on the planet. But we make do by letting the girls both plan their own day of fun. As Annie adequately put it last year, she has her birthday and her other birthday. Nice.
So this year, for Annie's birthday she decided to have her (and Louisa's) good friend Livie come over to play, make brownies and have dinner. Louisa decided that we should all have a trip to the pool and dinner with Grandma to celebrate her special day.

In the beginning, I wasn't so psyched about this twin thing. But it's working out pretty well I'd say.

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