Letter to Louisa

My sweet Louisa
Louie, Louisa - bean, Weeza. But never Lulu.
You are such a spunky little girl. I know I've told you this before, but I'll tell you again - you always have a tinkle in your eye, and a song in your heart. You keep the mood light around here, and we love you for it. There have been many hard moments in our lives in the last year, and time and time again, you were the one who ushered joy back into the house. You, with your dancing stuffed animals, your quirky artwork and stories and your ever present giggles. I love your giggle, and I love it when you and your sister start in on your giggle fits.
This year you and Annie started ballet dancing. While your sister has been the more athletic twin, you my dear have just a tidge more grace to your steps. I"m pleased with how quickly you two picked up the style, you can both keep up with the other girls in your class who have been dancing much longer than you have. Plus it's just fun to watch you twirl around the living room, humming your little tunes.I love it when you put on your fancy ballet stuff, turn on fancy classical music and pretend that you are a very fancy girl.
This year has been the year of the American dolls. While I can't help but think they are a little creepy (sorry!) I love how much you are learning about American history through the books. I love that they are inspiration for your stories and artwork. And I'm really really glad that you chose them over Sponge Bob (barf).
I've also had a keen eye on you this fall to watch how you adjust to being a big sister to little Max, and you're also doing just fine. You were the one we worried about the most, but there was no need for our worries. You're good at rolling with the punches, and not freaking out too much when he's being a super-pest.
You my dear are turning out to be quite a lovely little lady, and I'm so glad to have you around.
I love you,

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