Letter to Annie

My sweet Annabel,
Tomorrow you turn 8. How can that be? You are such a delightful kid, and are truly a joy to have around. I know you don't think so, but you and your sister are so very similar that it's difficult to define your personality in a way so that it doesn't just mimic your sisters. You and your sister continue to have such a uniquely intertwined relationship, it's almost as if you are two halves of a whole.  I'll bet you're the only set of 8 year olds I know that share a twin bed, because you want to.
And I love that about you two.
As for you my dear, you've become quite the domestic diva this year. You cook, you clean, and when our little friend Elizabeth comes over, you are quick to take responsibility for her. Not only are you sweet and gentle with her, but when the time comes for authority, you stand your ground and don't give in. No matter what. I love that. It takes guts to stand up to a whiney toddler (or an obnoxious little brother), and I know a roomful of adults who aren't nearly as good at it as you are. You're a tough one with a heart of gold.
This year as we welcomed your new brother into the family I was concerned about how you would adjust. I was warned about how you might act out or regress. I haven't seen either from you. If anything you've stepped up to the plate to be extra helpful and sweet. I love that you're constantly offering to help with the chores, and don't give me grief when I ask for help.
You my dear make my crazy life possible. I think I would have jumped ship long ago if you weren't so reliable.
So happy birthday my little smunch-kin.
I love you,

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TC Avey said...

they grow up so fast!


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