First road trip...

We weren't planning on doing much traveling with Max until spring. With all our traveling back and forth to Russia last fall we felt like it was time to sit still for a while. We needed to be aware of the possibility of travel anxiety. We knew that some friends had issues with their little guy being away from home too long, and just not feeling secure that they would indeed return home eventually.
But a close friend of the family passed away, and so we bit the bullet and traveled down to the funeral, which was 6 hours away. We did our best to explain to him what was happening through google translate, and we thought he understood pretty well what was happening when we left.
Our trip was pretty uneventful. He enjoyed meeting new friends, staying in a hotel (with a pool!) and the extra time with my parents. He also did fine sitting in the car for hours listening to books on cd with the rest of us.
I did find it amusing when we arrived in Columbus to visit some friends he asked if we were in Moscow. Nope, sorry kid. What part of central Ohio looks like Moscow? I'll give you a hint, none of it.
All in all, he was a champ through the entire trip, but the morning after we arrived home started out like a war zone. It was pretty ugly. I can't help but think the two events are related.

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Melissa said...

Glad the trip went well. We traveled with Colby to my grandparents' house in NH, about 4 1/2 hours away but not until 4 or 5months later. The trip went well and we had a great time. He was still pretty little though, just over 2 years old. I think it's different with bigger kids. Just tell your husband yu need more practice, more trips and vacations!


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