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Hey remember our old buddy Brock Eastman? We met him a few times before to talk about his other books. Well he's back to answer some questions from my son Alex about Taken, the book we reviewed here
Before we get started though, I just gotta say how much I've enjoyed working with this author. He's been great to work with, and frankly I feel like I should invite him and his family out for pizza after church on Sunday.
That said, here's how he humored us by answering my son's questions:

AJP: What made you want to write this book?

BE: I wanted to write The Quest for Truth after having a conversation with a friend in regards to violence and death in the media. Such events took place commonly not only on television, but in books and magazine articles as well. I set out to write a book that kids could read and find an adventure that didn’t portray violence and death as entertainment. Neither of those things when they occur in reality are fun or something we smile at, or even get excited about, so why should it be that way in a book. On the flip side, there are battles and fighting in Sages of Darkness, but then again it’s against demons, which are evil at the core.

AJP: Are you going to put my mom in the  next Sage of Darkness book? (Elissa interrupts - I had nothing to do with this question!!!)

BE: Hmmm. Quite intriguing, if not BlizzardSage, I am sure an Elissa find her way into one of my next books, The Quest for Truth: Unleash, Tangle, Hope, or Sages of Darkness: CrimsonSage.

(Elissa interrupts again - sweet. Make me a prayer warrior for the team of Sages.)

AJP: Which series do you enjoy writing more? The Sages books or the Quest for Truth books.

BE: This is really hard, because they are both unique stories and written in totally different styles. I’d say I have always been in love with the Wikks and their adventure, but Taylor and Ike are quickly growing on me. Being with them when I write is non-stop adventure. So I’d say I like both, but I’ve been with Oliver, Tiffany, Mason, and Austin for far longer, having started writing them in 2005.

Thanks boys! It's been fun talking. We can't wait to talk again soon.

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