Hello old friend...

Guess what.
I have a sewing machine.
It's a little dusty, but I do have one. I can't remember the last time I used it.
Oh wait, yes I do it was last September. 

As I was wrapping gifts for Christmas last month I realized my stash of fabric bags and embellishments was woefully inadequate. When I went to make myself some more (on Christmas eve, no less) my sewing machine just laughed at me as it messed up stitch after stitch. Of course. So now that my life is a little calmer, and I have no real use for red and green striped bags, I dug the half made bags and other projects out from the bottom of the pile and got down to business. Wouldn't you know my machine worked just fine? Typical.You can check out my little tutorial for making fabric gift bags and reusable embellishments from the beginning of my stash I started last year.

I gotta tell you, last  year I started the whole wrapping with fabric kick because I thought it would look pretty and be more earth friendly than wrapping with paper. This year in the days before Christmas when things were just a little too insane to think about "pretty" I was so glad to have those fabric sacks to shove gifts into.

While I was plopped in front of my sewing machine, I also happened to make myself some little girl goodness, for some little girlies who may or may not be turning 8 on Friday. Eek.

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