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One of my favorite thing about our time in Russia is eating pelmeni, a simple dish, easy to cook and loved by children. We like to think of it as the social equivalent as Kraft mac 'n' cheese. Our friends in St. Petersburg introduced us to it, and ever since then we've been dreaming about it. But alas, the super easy to fix premade kind is not really available here in the states. Of course.
For Christmas I received a pelmeni maker, but hadn't gotten around to using it until recently. I"m not much of a cook, and making meat filled dumplings from scratch just sounded way labor intensive. But I ended up with a free Saturday I decided to give it a chance. I'm not going to lie. It was labor intensive. It's the sort of thing you take an entire day to make several batches and freeze them for another day.
But we found this video which shows how to make it using the traditional method, in addition to using the same type of maker I have

You can find the recipe here.

I can't say the other children were terribly impressed, but Max and I both gobbled it up. The recipe was spot on, they tasted just like the ones I had in Russia.
The Pelmeni maker was easy to use, and rather fun to play with once we got the hang of the dough thickness.
So yes, having something that Max recognized for lunch was a joy, as was sharing one of his favorite meals with the rest of my family. Even if they weren't all that impressed.

Jory and I are already thinking of ways to make our own versions with cheese and perhaps some tex-mex flavored meat.

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