Story time - Peterson Style

One of our favorite gifts to give Grandma at Christmas time is a story that was written and illustrated by the entire family. Now that we've actually finished last years story and given it away, we'd like to share it with you. For instructions on how we made our little book check out last year's book.

The Peterson Family’s North Pole Adventure
Once upon a time there lived a family. There was Mommy, Daddy, Annie, Louisa, Maxim and Alex. They decided to take a vacation to the North Pole (brr!) so they started marching north.Pretty soon they came to a forest. None of them knew how large it was or how long it would take to get through it. They decided there might be something creepy in the forest (like a giant teddy bear or a huge beanie baby spider). So they decided to go around the forest. On their way around it, they discovered an ancient castle. Louisa thought they should walk across the frozen moat to get in. But Annie thought (since they had brought bows and arrows) that they should shoot the ropes holding the drawbridge closed, and then it would open by itself.But Alex thought that would make too much noise when it crashed down. He liked Louisa's idea of walking over the moat, but how would they get over the wall?
Dad thought they should break the wall down. Mom wanted to scale it. Max just wanted to do the "pokey pokey" (aka the hokey pokey). Alex suggested that they should blast the wall with dynamite (I think he's been watching too many episodes of Mythbusters). Just then they heard a strange noise, and they watched as the drawbridge began to lower itself, and out rolled Santa Car and Mrs. Santa Car! The cars gave the family directions on how to get to the North Pole, it turns out the family was headed in the wrong direction. Alex thought they were going north when they were really headed west. Silly Alex. So they turned and headed north, and soon they reached the Christmas Tree forest where they met Rudolph. They must be headed in the right direction now! Max wanted to take a ride on Rudolph, so those two went for a ride. When Max and Rudolph landed, they were at a big Russian castle, so they went inside. Santa Clause (the real Santa this time) was there with the rest of the Peterson family, and they were drinking hot chocolate. Fortunately there was enough hot chocolate for Max and Rudolph to have some too. Santa had a gift for everyone and then they all went home.

The End
(don't look at me, I just typed it)


Sue Witmer said...


Melissa said...

I love it! What great imaginations!

Grandma aka GagaShu said...

And I have the signed original of this tome!


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