Orphan moments

Parenting a former orphan has taught me much about my faith over the last few months. One of the most valuable insights I've gleaned is a little concept I like to call "orphan moments".

When I speak of an orphan moment I refer to those moments when life with Max is smooth sailing until for some reason, his little world implodes, and things get ugly.  He's a happy, productive member of a family who feels loved and accepted and then all of a sudden he isn't. Sometimes there's a visible trigger that makes him feel like an orphan and sometimes there isn't.

I can totally relate.

You'd think because I grew up in a healthy well-adjusted family that I wouldn't have orphan moments. That I wouldn't be able to relate to his wounded, raw emotions that make him feel unloved and unwanted. But I totally can. We all have emotional baggage that Satan likes to throw at us to make us feel wounded, rejected, and lonely. It's easy for me to forget that I'm a part of a loving family in Christ. That I was adopted into a heavenly family that will never reject me.

Sometimes I have ugly orphan moments too. I think we all do.


TC Avey said...

My heart ached as I read your words. I agree we all have moments like these. Thanks for reminding us that we have been adopted and are never alone, no matter how lonely/messy/difficult/etc. the journey gets.

Jamie said...

What an insightful way to describe those moments. I too have those moments often, and being reminded that we are all orphans in Christs family has blessed me. I will keep Max in my prayers. Thank you for sharing this!


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