The winter that wasn't

Take a boy fresh from the arctic circle
who measures his snowfall in feet, not inches
give him a sled for Christmas
and wait for the snow to come. 
Then wait some more.
Now you have a pretty good idea of what our winter has been.

Sledding with Max during the 12 hour span where we actually had enough snow to sled in. 

Ohio winters, you suck.
Love, Max

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Jamie Joseph said...

Having grown up in western PA I understand the pain! It was almost always just enough snow to be annoying and messy but not to have fun it! Who wants to have a snow ball fight with slush, or worse yet, the gray slush that the nice snow plows are nice enough to leave all over the front of the yard? I hope you guys get enough snow to have fun but not so much you can't go anywhere soon!


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