Book review - 101 Bible Adventures

It's been awhile since we had a fun book to share. We were recently thrilled to receive 101 Bible Adventures: The Ultimate Quest for Truth by Carol Larsen. This book is a collection of action packed Bible stories. Each story comes with a quick birds eye summary of the story, a key verse, and an application section to help the kids relate to the story.
With an emphasis on action, and excitement, this book does a phenomenal job of catching kids attention. While the stories are simplified slightly for younger readers, the heart and message behind the stories remain true to the original text.
Mom says: these stories are perfect for bedtime. They short-ish in length, and the application points are perfect conversation starters. I also think this book is a great tool for the Sunday School teacher arsenal. I'll definitely refer to it as I plan future lessons.
My 8 - 9 year old kids love listening to these stories. My oldest has been known to sneak peeks at the upcoming stories while he's supposed to be doing his school work. I pretend to get mad at him, but I'm not sure I can get that mad at him for it.

We received this book for review purposes, as always, our opinions are %100 our own.

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