Letter to Max

Dear Max
Today is your 8th birthday. Your first one here in the states, and the first one with a real family of your own. You have been super duper excited all month long, and have asked several times each day how much longer you had to wait.
You haven't opened up about your past too much, so it's hard for me to know how people have recognized your special day in the past. You knew the tune of happy birthday and a few of the words when you joined our family, and you also recognized the relationship between cakes and candles, so I'd like to think that those were part of your celebrations in Russia.
You were totally psyched about the idea of birthday week. We've led up to your special day with a trip to the zoo, to the playground with friends, to the pool, and plenty of outside time in the garden and on your bike.
As far as gifts go, you had a list ready for us long ago. Your very own Thomas the Train engines (that no one can ever try to steal.) and a helium filled balloon. You even gave me some money to help cover the cost of your gifts. I didn't have the heart to tell you it was play money, and therefor completely worthless.
You've lived a rough life, but you're such a resilient little dude. I love your little heart and your ready for anything attitude
Love, Mom

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Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Max! --Kathy


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