I love that you...

I love that you are so willing to try everything
I love that you have a burning desire to help me cook, clean, and are ready to jump into whatever crazy project I dream up.
I love when you say Oh-kay!
I love it even more when you say "Mama hug?"
I don't love it when you whine, ask me the same questions incessantly, and hog the train toys.
I love it when another member of the family steps outside for a second and you slip out after them, then proceed to run free for a few moments before we chase you down and convince you that it's really not ok to run around in the freezing cold in a t-shirt. Or bare feet.
I love that you are a water boy, wanna-be cowboy, and forest ranger all rolled into one.
I love that you are a part of my family...
Mostly, I just love you.

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