Surrender to spring

I had high hopes for my winter this year. I had visions of knee deep snow mounds ripe for Max to play in - American style. Last year we had a winter full of fun snowy activities and I was pumped to do them again with Max. Our snow activities from last year included snow sculptures, snow paint, snow candy and our annual snow hike. This year didn't get enough snow to do any of those things. Of course.
And now that March is here, we're ready to give up on winter. Not that it's impossible to get clobbered with 8 inches in the next few weeks, but given our winter I'm not holding my breathe. So from here I guess it's time to turn our attention to the garden. While theres still not much to do out there yet, I'm totally psyched to put a shovel in that little dude's hand and see what he's capable of.
Bring it on spring, we're ready for it.

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Zsa Zsa said...

It makes me sad to personally know some people who don't like celebrating their birthdays.


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