On communication

So Max's communication skills are improving every day. At first he was repeating common word groupings like "don't touch" and "shut the door" but he's now starting to put new word groups together like "Max no hungry" love it. Love it even more when he puts the words in the wrong order and we get to tease him about it. My current favorite mishap - "Max eat Alex?"

And now that the words can come and are starting to make sense, the floodgates are opening. What he likes and dislikes, the way we should spend our day, and the things he worries about. He misses Igor, his best buddy from the orphanage, and can't wait for him to come home with his new mom and dad (who happen to be friends of ours). When our schedule deviates, he needs constant reassurance of what the plan for the day is.

We're also starting to discuss the concepts of feelings, and how our actions affect the way other people feel. As in - if you break that, Alex will be angry. Do you want Alex to be angry? Clearly he's never put these emotions into words before. So good to be able to use words to build positive relationships.

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