St. Patricks day snacks

This year for St. Patricks Day I'm thinking about planning an entire days menu around festive food that didn't take forever to make, and my children will still eat it.
It's on a Saturday, so why not?

So here's what I'm thinking
Breakfast of green fruits and veggies. Apple slices, grapes, kiwi and lime fruit salad. I'm also thinking about omelets with spinach, green onion, green pepper and maybe a little bit of pickles just for Max. If I thought my kids would eat it, I'd put green food coloring in my eggs. But that's never going to happen.

Inspired by this Lucky Lunch we're going to eat leprechauns for lunch. I"m planning to use a small tortilla as the head, make hair and beard out of shredded cheese for hair and beard, green grapes for eyeballs, and a red apple smile.  She used some rainbow candies for desert, I"m thinking about mint milkshakes


 For dinner we'll do shamrock pizza with peppers sliced to look like shamrocks. How fun? Ok the girls will never eat the pepper, but it's still cute, right?


I'm also thinking about making rainbow fruit skewers like these that someone else made. Yum.

and these pretzel bites with green m & m's. Yum dude.


TC Avey said...

Looks like fun- thanks for the ideas!

Altax said...

Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

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