Melted crayon wax take 3

So it's no secret that I have a thing for melted crayon. We've melted it in pools over the George Forman grille to make patterned paper, melted tiny chunks of it with the embossing gun, now I hear that you can melt it over an open candle flame. Say it ain't so

Oh yes, it is.

The original idea for this project was to use it to teach pointillism. Although beautiful, pointillism isn't  really our thing. We just wanted to play. So we did. We started out with a candle, broken crayons and a variety of objects to "paint" on including scrap paper, old useless cd's, and soda cans. While yes, the candle did melt our crayon enough to allow us to make dots, it was time consuming, and fitting 4 crayons around a tiny candle flame without overwhelming it was an exercise in frustration.

So then we started getting crazy. What if our canvas was hot enough to melt our crayon on contact, so we could have a continuous flow of melted wax. Hmm.

Enter both the George Forman grille and a hotplate (covered in aluminum foil), as well as a canvas that conducts heat (aka handfuls of old cds). We turned our hot surfaces on their lowest setting and set to work, careful not to put the cd directly on the heat sources, (which fyi, makes it's own interesting artwork - don't ask). On the low setting we were indeed able to get the cd hot enough  that the crayon melted on contact, and though there was a bit of bubbling and warping, the finished cds turned out beautiful.

When they were cool enough to handle, we tied a string through them and hung them in the window.

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