Confessions of a mad dog mother

So it seems like we're facing a little setback in the battle for Max. He's acting out relentlessly again, much like he did when we first brought him home. He's emotionally needy (aka whiny) on a consistant basis, and aggresive towards me and his sisters. My facebook friends are constantly amused by my rock bottom desparation posts like this winner:

"the reason I'm checking my email in the bathroom is because I'm hiding from you. Please go away"

I know many of you think I"m nuts for continuing to homeschool this little cannonball in the face of such strife. Frankly there are times when I question my own logic. But I have a secret to share with you. God has an amazing plan for this little boys life. God is going to use this little boy to do something amazing, but he needs to work through all of his junk to get there. He needs someone who's ready to be "all in" to get him where he needs to be. Someone who's going to be a mad dog prayer warrior over the battle for his little soul.

Frankly, I just don't think he's going to get that in a public school. Love to all my teacher friends who work very hard and do a fantastic job. I just know that you are all overworked and underpaid and don't have the strength and energy to go where my son needs you to be.

So I can choose to focus on the minute by minute "this kid is making me crazy" or I can focus on being my son's biggest fan. Knowing this is a very long road to help him find the focus he needs to be who God created him to be. I can be that uber stubborn mother who insists that he is a child of God, and by golly he's going to act like one. Even if I have to  fight like a caged animal (with love and respect), and pray crazy desparate prayers 24/7.

I'm all in, so bring it.

And praise God for indoor swimming pools. The land where you can kick and scream as loud as you want and you won't get in trouble. You, Mr. Lifeguard at the West Y have made my life so much more tolerable.

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Melissa said...

Max is so lucky to have you in his corner. And thanks for the love to teachers and you are right, we are overworked and many times underappreciated. Thankfully Max has you to fall back on and you will be a great teacher for him. Lots of love and strength sent your way.


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