Grieving, but not really.

We recently lost yet another loved one. Nearly three weeks after his 100th birthday, Jory's grandfather G.E Peterson went on to meet Jesus. That makes four deaths for us this year - Jory's father and grandfather, and two friends of the family. 4 fine men, three old and one young. All passing into Jesus's care.

4 deaths in 7 months is a lot to process. I think most people would agree that if anyone has a right to be overwhelmed, angry, bitter and disillusioned with life and with God it would be us. We should be to be stomping and screaming and asking why.

But we aren't.

With a pause, and a polite nod towards our grief, we pick ourselves up and move on. Ready to shoulder the load these men passed on to us. Knowing that God is good, whether we like His plan or not. Knowing that getting angry is sort of pointless because someone else's death isn't really about me or my family. We learned a long time ago that you can't take losses personally or you'll go crazy. So we don't. We take our losses in stride, knowing they happen for a reason.

So as with the others, we count this loss as a bump in the road. Our road is turning out to be a rather bumpy road indeed. But it's a beautiful road, with a lovely view. And I think this is where we'll stay.

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