Signed: Your biggest fan. Aka Mom.

Dear Max

Lets just say you aren't Michael Phelps. You are not a fast swimmer, nor are you a good technical swimmer. The fact that you didn't have access to a place to swim until 7 months ago might have something to do with that.

Yesterday you had your first swim meet. You didn't win the only heat you swam, you didn't even place in the top five. Even though you were up against children who were probably much younger than you. I'm not totally convinced you recognized that you were trying to beat those other kids to the other side of the pool.

But you know what? You swam all the way across the pool without stopping. And you did it in super deep water that you thought was very scary.

And for those two reasons I am so beyond psyched for you. I'm psyched that you learned something new, and put it to use. I love that you completed a task you never would have attempted if it hadn't been for the popsicle the coach had waiting for you. And I'm psyched that you faced your fears and didn't back down. Mostly, I'm psyched for you because that's just what moms are for.

That crazy screaming lady who's cheering her little heart out for the little kid that's limping slowly across the pool? Yep, that's totally me. To me, it matters not what place you finished, nor do I particularly care about whether your had good form or not. You didn't let your disadvantages stop you, and thats what counts.

So proud of you little dude.
your biggest fan. Aka Mom.

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Melissa said...

So proud of him too. What a big accomplishment! Way to go!


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