7 months in

So last month I was all about how far we've come with little Max.

This month I'd just like to eat my words.

With this little guy it's all about transition. I used to roll my eyes at people who were nervous about how well their child would transition through different activities and phases of life. But now I totally get it.

His sisters are gone (for now) and his schedule is wonky, which means that he's a hot mess. Without the girls around he can't figure out who to play with, so he's whining and following Alex and I around because he can't entertain himself. And his food insecurities are resurfacing, so he's constantly asking for more food, and then not eating the food we give him, unless it's junk food.

Not to mention that he's tired and cranky because we messed with his sleep schedule and he can't acclimate.

Yeah. He's been a fun kid to have around this month.

Insert eye roll here.

But it's been an incredible time of growth as well. With the introduction of organized sports he's learning how to take direction from someone other than mom, and step outside his comfort zone.

He's also been attending safety town or "fire engine class" as he calls it. Now that might not sound terribly impressive until you remember that the Russian police have a tendency towards corruption. For 7 years he was taught to fear the police. Now all of a sudden the police are the good guys. Talk about a major shift in perspective. But he's totally eating up every second of it. We're so thrilled that he's made the transition to the new mentality seemlessly.

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