Waiting for water

Tap tap... Is this thing on? Is anyone even out there? Its been a few days, and while I'd like to make some excuse about weird schedules or unruly children, the truth is I've been in a funk. A dry as sandpaper on a hot summer day funk. I sit down to write and I've got nothing. Not a darned thing to say. And I get to the point where I stop sitting down to write, because there is seriously nothing to say and I'm tired of looking at a blank page. Waiting for someone to turn on the spigot, so the words can fall like little droplets that bring life and beauty to everything they touch. And I wonder. Have I done something wrong? Offended the One who brings the words? Why does my waterfall work only on some days and not on others? I showed up. I turned on the spigot. I did everything i needed to do, so why is nothing happening? I go through the same phases with my faith. Don't you? Please say yes. Please tell me that I am not the only one who feels like I pick up the phone to start a conversation with Jesus and all I get is crickets. Chirp chirp. It's like nobody's home, but I know that can't be true. And all I can do is hit redial and hope the next time someone picks up the phone. I think that's the point. Keep hitting that redial button. Keep trying. Perservere. Your creative juices will start flowing, and Jesus will pick up the phone. And you'll have an excuse to rejoice when it finally happens. Doesn't water taste better when you're thirsty? Food taste better when you are hungry? If God never gave you the opportunity to be parched, then He'd never have the opportunity to fill you up, now would He? So here I am, still waiting for something interesting to tell you, anticipating the flood that will surely come. What are you anticipating? Let's wait together. I'll bring the snacks, you bring the movie. It'll be like a party. Waiting is always more fun with friends. Oh never mind.

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