The truth about adoption part 2

So yesterday we talked a little about what adoption really is, today just for kicks we're going to examine the other side of the coin, what adoption is not...

 A hallmark movie. Nor is it a campbells soup comercial. You don't turn a broken child into a healthy well adjusted member of society in less than 2 hours. And tomato soup doesn't fix everything. In fact it doesn't fix nearly as much as chocolate does. Trust me.

It is not bringing a child into your house and expecting them to sit at your feet with their hands folded singing your praises because you are an awesome person for saving them from certain death. It's not even them singing your praises while they run rampant around your house destroying everything in sight. It's mostly that last part without them shouting insults instead of singing. Not so much on the singing.

So there you go. The truth about adoption. Is it hard? Yes. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. But adopting Max has changed his life, our lives, the lives of our friends and family, and frankly anyone who is following our adventure. I don't know how you could hear the story that God has written for
this little boy and not have faith. How you could ignore God's miraculous redemptive hand in his life, and the countless real life illustrations of faith, love and grace that surround him.

With those thoughts in mind, I have to ask... how could we not have spoken for this child? how can we not continue to fight for one of God's chosen? And how can we continue to ignore those children across our nation and planet that are still waiting for someone who will fight for them.

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Delana said...

Love this post! So true! I can relate to the screaming part...and like you...not so much the singing. But it does get better! In the first year I often wondered.



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