Book Review: Challenge on the HIll of Fire

Today we're talking about the latest installment in Adventures in Odyssey's Imagination Station series. Which just happens to be one of my favorite kids series that my kids and I have read together. And not because they sent them to us for free. Ahem. Today's we have book 10 titled "Challenge on the Hill of Fire".

In book 10 Patrick and Beth travel to 5th century Ireland to get to the root of the Irish folklore. Instead of finding a pot of gold and the cute leprechauns they expected, they encounter dangerous druids as they seek  the safety of the community of Believers who follow the bishop. Patrick and Beth have to wonder who exactly this bishop is, and why isn't he afraid to die for his religious beliefs?

Mom comments: Another consistent performance from the writers of this series. I have loved every book I've read in this series, and this one was just as much of a joy to read as every other I've read in the series. Good stuff. Buy the whole series.

Annie says: The book was fun, I liked the part where they were making a leprechaun trap, and the poison part was interesting too!

Louisa says:I liked it. I especially liked Finn the squirrel, he was very funny!

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