Melted crayon easter eggs

So if you've been around this blog for a while you know I have a thing for melted crayons.
And an oddball desire to never use the same technique for decorating Easter eggs.

So what happens when those truths get married? Easter eggs decorated with melted crayon. I'll bet you saw that one coming.


Here we go. After the eggs were done cooking, I took them hot out of the pan and put them in these mini muffin tins for the kids to decorate. That way they wouldn't have to chase them all over the table.

We tried out a couple different techniques, but by far our favorite method was to color slowly over the egg, giving the heat from the egg time to melt the crayon wax, then when the artist had enough color on his or her egg we took a paper towel and smeared all the streaky lines together which also blended all the different colors together.

Fun, right?

And stinking cute. 

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