Letter to Max - year 9

Happy birthday dude! Over the weekend you turned into a big old nine year old. It was a day that you've been counting down to for weeks now. This is your second birthday celebration with a real family, so you had a much better idea of what to expect. That doesn't mean that your idealic dreams for your special day weren't beyond extravagent, but it does mean that you had a better idea of what you could ask for. And I had a better idea of what you could realistically handle before you were overstimulated. That doesn't mean I didn't blow it big time more than once... Oy.

I have to say that I've learned a lot about you this last year. Last year your English was serviceable, but still not enough to help us understand what was really making you tick. You, my son are really sort of a fascinating kid. With all your funny little quirks and that sweet little voice, its no wonder that you charm everyone you meet. Everyone loves you and your story, and they can't wait to see the man of God you will someday become.

I love the element that you've added to our family. The unpredictalbility that you bring. I hate to say it, but our family was rather boring before you joined us, just a collection of normal people doing normal things, steady and predictable like New Mexico wind. Not so much anymore! Thanks for making us way more interesting than we used to be.

You're a great kid and a joy to have around. I'm so glad God brought you to our family. I'm excited to see where this year will take us.
Love you buddy,

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