My Jesus place...

It’s been a long winter, can I get an amen on that one? Here in northern Ohio, winter has felt like an open wound that just wouldn’t heal. Here it is late April and we’re still seeing snow in the air.
My poor little garden has had an unusually long period of hibernation this spring. But as I watch the daffodils struggle to show their beauty I’m reminded that once again, winter doesn’t have the final say. Winter will eventually be conquered, and whether it likes it or not, will eventually have to yield to spring, and the life that comes with it.
As the leaf buds appear on the roses I can imagine them whispering excited words of encouragement to the irises. “You go ahead and be first again this year. When you’re done glorifying our Creator, it’ll be my turn. When I’m done, I’ll pass the baton over to the black eyed susans.” I can just hear the lilies giggling with the flox over the quiet symphony they have planned for me this season. “She’s going to be so thrilled, I can wait to share our talents with her!” Ok, I’m a dork. I know. But this is how I amuse myself  as I tiptoe through my tulips.

If you’ve been to my house you know that I’m a bit geeked out about my garden. For those who haven’t to say It’s sort of obnoxiously huge would be an understatement. Like who needs grass when you can have hostas big. I’m willing to own the fact that the amount of time I spend tweaking my garden is grossly disproportionate to the amount of time the average home owner spends. 2 hours a day, every day for six months sounds about right, give or take.
Before you freak out, I have a good reason. Really, I do. The garden is my Jesus place. It’s where my soul floods and I pour out my heart to Jesus in prayer. It’s a gift that I’ve created for my Creator.  I pray that every car that drives past and gets an eyeful of color turns their admiration not towards me, but to the One who created me, and each of those flowers.
So the next time you drive by my house, please don’t think “wow that lady has way too much free time on her hands” (which is probably true) or “I wonder how much time and money that lady spent to make her garden look like that”. Please take my garden as a reminder of who you are in Christ, and see it the way I do, as an invitation to worship.

And if you’re local, consider this your invitation to come and share a glass of lemonade under my mighty hundred year old oak tree when the roses are in bloom. You won’t be disappointed, I promise…


Shelley Davis said...

Watch out. I might take you up on that. :)


Shannon Milholland said...

Growing a garden is on my life goal list. My grandmother had the most beautiful flower garden that was a haven and true spot of inspiration. Love that yours is your Jesus spot!


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