3 Creativity boosters for clever kids

As summer stretches out in front of us, I can already hear the whines of boredom coming from my children. Moan, groan and despair. I love those sounds. I view them as opportunities to engage my youngsters creatively, to invite them to see the world a bit differently for a few moments.

Here are some of my favorite creativity booster games for bored kids.
Play “what can you do with a…” this is a fun exercise I do with my own kids when they get the bored zombie look in their eye.  Challenge them to take a paper plate (or toothpicks, or fabric scraps etc) and make something. Anything. As a variation, give them three items, they can be related or random. This game can be played with art supplies, food, recycled items, items from nature etc.
Ready for more ideas to stimulate your kids creative neurons? Check out the rest of the article here...

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