Guest post- a journey through homeschooling

My dear friend Abby is doing a series on her blog this month about the choices parents face when considering their child's education. Fun topic, right? She asked me to share a few words about our journey through homeschooling and the hard choices we've had to make considering our schooling options for our youngest.

Many of you are familiar with our story, but I'll bet there are a few of you who haven't heard the tale in it's entirety. This is my homeschooling story.

I made the decision to home school my children before I gave birth. Before I was married, even before I had even finished my college degree in education I knew that my days as a mother would be spent pouring over lessons and other educational activities and other equally nerdy pursuits.

Homeschooling as a concept entered my periphery way back in the 90’s, I was in my last days as a college student when a very special family at my church invited me into their lives first as a babysitter, and eventually sort of adopted me like a stray pet.

They were the type that curled up around a wood stove to do their lessons, all quaint and cozy. The first time I participated in one of their school days I was completely and utterly hooked.

My very ideological 20 year old self had to wonder Why on earth would I use my education degree to wrangle two dozen ornery students in shoes that pinched my feet all day when I could curl up with a few sweet children who I could actually discipline when they became uncooperative? And I could do it in my jammies? That’s a no brainer.

Fast forward 14+ years I am now the mother of 4 children, three biological and one adopted as an older child from Russia. I’ve homeschooled three of my children since day one. From the day their little babbles became intelligible words to the day a few weeks ago when my ten year old learned to count in binary, erasing all doubt in my mind that one day he’ll turn out to be as nerdy as his father.   Sounds like a dream right?

What could possibly make me consider challenging status quo? Read the rest of the article here...

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