Adventures in Odyssey blog hop!

So this week we're taking part in a blog hop with our friends from Adventures in Odyssey. Wee! Over the last few posts we've been talking about this month's theme Discover.

Discover how much fun service can be with Adventures in Odyssey’s A.C.T.S. challenge and contest!

We've already talked about why this project makes so much sense to me as a mother attempting to raise socially aware children. And the rewards the kids can get when they sign up for such a project on this post.

Yesterday we talked about why it is so crucial for our children to practice serving others as a way to help develop appropriate self esteem.

We also chatted a bit about service project ideas and I shared an exclusive link to a free AIO radio production titled The Business of Busyness (which my kids loved).

We just wanted you to know that we are just gearing up for a summer of fun and service! Check back to learn more about June's theme of Imagination which comes with it's own fun freebies, and in July our theme will be Grow (oh yeah, did I mention more free stuff?)

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