Promoting Self Esteem through Social Awareness

As mamas we all want our kids to grow up to feel good about themselves and have good self esteem. At school and their little sporting events they have praise lavished upon every little effort, as we grownups attempt to make their little lives more meaningful. Sadly our efforts aren’t really encouraging our little ones to do anything meaningful, as much as we are simply just telling them how meaningful they are.

A while back a team of researchers predicted that the children of the next generation would respond positively to parents’ misguided efforts of using obscene amounts of praise to help raise children’s self esteem. That their newfound self worth would help them be filled with civic responsibility and optimism. Sadly, according to recent research, our efforts have created tiny little beings that are significantly more self-centered, depressed and disrespectful towards authority.


 This article was shared with my readers at Today's Mama. If you'd like to read the rest of the article, you can check it out here...

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