A moment to linger; a call to service

Last week we talked about service opportunities for kids. (I have a really fantastic list on this post if you’re new to this conversation). Anyway. The suggestion for this week’s service project was about recognizing those in the military.

Which was a very fine service idea. But we didn’t do it.

Not because we didn’t care about those who serve our country, heavens no. But because a different service opportunity presented itself.

Making encouraging cards for those affected by recent tornados.
As we prepared for our project I struggled (as we all do) to come up with words to reach out to my fellow sisters and brothers who are struggling to get back on their feet. To cope with their losses. To process the hand they’ve just been dealt.

Finally we just decided to let God speak on our behalf. He says it all better than we do anyway.

If you were affected by recent storms, just know that you’re still in our hearts and prayers. God hasn’t forgotten your pain and neither have we. When the media moves on to the next horrible tragedy we won’t. We’ll linger here, ready to listen. So will Jesus. He’s a linger-er too.


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