Book review: Hunt for the Devil's Dragon

Today we're talking about the latest addition to the AIO Imagination Station series. We have book 11 to share with you, titled Hunt for the Devil's Dragon.
In this story Beth and Patrick traveled to 13th century Libiya. During this time period Beth and Patrick make friends with two local children named Sabra and Hazi, as well as a Roman knight named Georgius. As the plot unfolds it quickly becomes apparent that a human sacrifice is required to appease a dragon who has been eating the villager's sheep.
Or so they believe.
Perhaps the villagers would be better off lowering their weapons to learn the lesson in loyalty the dragon has to share with them.

Mom says: I've read all 11 books in this series. I have loved each and every one. Not only do I love the fun, engaging plot lines, but I also love that each book comes with its own little lesson. Good stuff.

Annie says:I liked the baby dragon because he was kind of cute. I didn't like the bad guys, they were mean to Patrick's friends. It's not fair that they were so mean to the dragon. I also thought the part where they were playing hide and seek was fun.

Louisa says: I liked the part where the horse pulled out the window in the jail. The bad guys tried to sacrifice two little girls, why would they do that? I guess they were mean. Patrick's friend was courageous.

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amber said...

We just bought our son the first three books in this series for his birthday! Looking forward to reading them. :)


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