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So last week, my friends at AOI had a billion and one freebies for you, this week, another Focus on the Family author has more literary goodness to share with you. As he attempts to promote his newest book Unleash, our friend Brock Eastman has given me all sorts of special offers and stuff that's just plain cool.

So if you were here yesterday, you learned about the 99 cent promo price for the kindle version of the first book in the series Taken. Did you download that yet? The offer's only good for a few more hours, so hop to it already.

Today we have another little freebie to share. Well. Actually we have two or three. Spoiled rotten I tell you.


Today I have an author video to share with you. My oldest got a kick out of seeing and hearing a real author talk about his work. I rather enjoyed learning more of the story behind why the author chose to write what he wrote. Good stuff.  

How bout a fun promo video for the first book Taken. Loved the fun artwork on this one.

That was fun. What else was there. Oh yes.

Would you believe I have a 5 chapter preview ready for you to download. Seriously? I'm thinking order the book first before you download the freebie, so when your kid gets to the cliff hanger that's likely at the end of the segment you'll be prepared. So clever those marketing people.

1 comment:

Brock Eastman said...

I do love how you continue to reveal more prizes! I'm glad he liked the video, we can always arrange a Skype chat. I owe you one. :)


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