The Quest for Truth - Unleash, and a bargain.

If you've been around this blog for awhile you know I'm sort of a dork when it comes to children's literature. I kind of haven't read a book written for grown ups in um. Hmm. Forever. And you also know how much I love passing on the books / series that are worth handing to your kids (you're so very welcome).

So one of the series that I've loved over the last few years is the Quest for Truth, by Brock Eastman. We read the first book in the series, and also the second one. Now I'm so thrilled to share with you the third book in the series, Unleash.

Here's a sneaky peeky:

Claws raised, mouth open, it was coming for her!

The Wikk kids’ quest unleashes fresh courage and new adventures. Now working as a team, the kids face their greatest dangers yet: a plundered planet, lies, betrayal, and fierce lizards that want to eat them all! Facing their fears and searching for answers, Oliver and Tiffany slip into a high-security laboratory . . . meanwhile Mason, Austin, and Obbin battle Corsair pirates and make a shocking discovery! Will they be able to unlock the truth about Creator and take the next step? Will you?
THE QUEST FOR TRUTH series follows the four Wikk kids in their desperate race to find the mysterious planet Ursprung and stop the Übel renegades from misusing its long-lost secrets. Ancient cities, treacherous villains, high-tech gadgets, the Phoenix—encounter all these and more on this futuristic, interplanetary adventure.

We were invited to join the publicity team for this series, so over the next few days I'll have a handful of exclusive offers and freebies for you, my loyal subjects. (Isn't that so darned cool??) I get all the good hook ups. I know.

Ready for your first promo? Here you go!

Until Tuesday at midnight you can download the kindle version of Taken (the first book in the series) for a whoppin 99 cents. Dude. Buy a cheap cup of coffee (ew?) or an action packed thriller your youngster will devour?

In this house we call that a no-brainer.

My oldest and I both wrote a review for this one a while back. Check it here.
Here's the download.

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Brock Eastman said...

YEAH! Let the fun begin!


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