And the winner is...

There were so many lovely entries to our Adventures in Odyssey books give away this week. I am so thrilled to hear about all the lovely ways you all are serving your communities.

So I could babble about the merits of serving or creativity or blah blah, but something tells me you're probably skimming over this anyway, cause you just want to know who won.

Ok, fine.

The winner is...

This is where I'm really tempted to stall, just to make you mad.

Is it working?

Oh alright, party pooper. I'll get on with it.

According to our fancy-shmancy random number generator, the winner is...

Which according to our records is...

Nicki Veenstra


But wait. Don't stomp off all huffy. There's more!

My pals at AIO love what you've done so much that they have more for me to give away. Eek!

Would you believe they've given me a link for you all to download your own copy of the first book in AIO's Imagination Station series. So here it is, check it!

1 comment:

Julie said...

I couldn't get the link to work. Is anyone else having an issue?


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